PT BPR Bina Dana Cakrawala (BPR BDC) was established in Jakarta on December 21, 2007 and received a business license from Bank Indonesia on March 10, 2008.

PT BPR Bina Dana Cakrawala officially began operations on 02 April 2008. BPR BDC is committed to become one of the trusted banking institutions and has a long-term perspective to finance Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Seeing the potential of SME market is growing, attractive BPR BDC to the field of microcredit. In addition, BPR BDC is concerned with the development of MSMEs are assessed and have proved resistant to crises and has a positive performance to credit.

Time Deposit 1 month8 % pa
Time Deposit 3 month8 % pa
Time Deposit 6 month8 % pa
Time Deposit 12 month8 % pa
Savings Account7 % pa